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The Pine Grove

My ghost storie comes from not in my house but in an area around my house. My house is on a hill and at the very top of the hill which I live on is an area of nothing but pine trees. A long time ago before we ever lived here as the legend is told a family lived here that owned a dog. The dog got distemper or some terminal desease and instead of having it put to sleep the owners of the dog shot it with a rifle. They then buried it amongst the pine trees and put a large stone over the grave and carved in it "Comet", which is still there to this very day.

About two years ago some friends and I were playing with an ouija board and we were asking it if there were any spirits in the room with us and it replied "yes". We then asked what the name of the spirit was and it said "A Dog". I immediately thought of the grave bearing the name "Comet" near our house. I told my friends this and we thought it would be a good idea if we went up to the hill and saw if anything happened.

Something happened alright. We stood up there in the pines for about ten minutes yelling "Comet, come out and play". Then we started to hear faint growling noises and they got louder and then right beside the grave appeared a bristling black dog with bright yellow eyes and a blue glow around it. We were very frightened. We ran back down to my house and went to bed crying. We all remember it to this day.

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