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The Long Flame

I'm not sure if this would be considered a real ghost story, but it happened and I can't explain why.

In 1989, the woman who would have been my mother-in-law, Virginia Morris died after being very sick for a long time. She was a very religious woman, and her favorite Bible verse was John 3:16. In fact she had 316 J on her licsense plate on her car. She died just a few weeks before the wedding of her youngest son, John. My boy friend, and later my husband, was an usher at the wedding. They had lit two candle in the ceremony, one for Virginia, and one for the niece of the bride who had died a year before. All through the ceremony, I noticed that the candle for Virginia had a very long flame on it, which went back to normal after the ceremony was over. The minister had also mentioned John 3:16 in the ceremony, which I thought was odd, because it has nothing to do with marriage. After the ceremony was over and they were doing the photos, I called my boy friend over and said,"You'll probably think I'm wierd, but, there is an old wives tale that says if a candle flame is long, a spirit is present" My boyfriend agreed that I am wierd, but he had noticed that the minister used John 3:16, so he went over and ask him about it. Had the minister ever met his mother? No, he had not. Was he aware that John 3:16 was her favorite verse? No, he didn't know that.

Does he normally use that at a wedding? The minister glanced at his notes, and said no he usually didn't, and he didn't have it written down anywhere.

Virginia was there.

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