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Spirits or Cats?

have had several encounters, though I feel none of them are connected. The house I live in now has always had spirits, and I've only seen a few. My mother remebers one night when she heard a noise downstairs, and she went to investigate.

There was no wind, or anything, but the shade in the livingroom suddenly rolled up and started flapping as it kept on rolling. She doesn't think it was a spirit, and I wasn't born, so I don't know.

My earliest sighting happened when I was about six. (I am 19 now.)I had opened the basement door and looked down the steps for no reason, when I saw something moving in the shadows. An eerie light started up the steps, and I closed the door. I am not afraid of the basement, but every now and again I get a weird 'being wathced' feeling.

The next sitting happened when I was twelve. I was going to the bathroom late one night, and I looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of a young girl my age with long, thick brown braids hanging over her shoulders. I had a blond bob at the time, and was startled.

I haven seen any more, but I do feel the pressence of Daisy Duke Hilburn, a hymalasian cat who loved me to death, no matter was childish things my sibs and I did to her. She died of old age then I was about eleven. Every now and then I can feel her walking from my feet to my head, over thick blankets, but never in summer over sheats or when I'm not covered, just over quilts and conforters and afghans.

I have three other cats, but it can't be them, because they all smell and walk differently. Any cat lover like myself can tell the difference between their paw-prints on your blankets. With winter coming I think I'll start to feel her more.

The other spirits I can't see, but my cats and my sister's dog Bear can. They sit and stare and make clucking sounds like Misty does when she's hunting, but they're not pretending; I can tell. The strangest episode took place (once more) in the bathroom.

Mom was in there late at night, and left the door open and didn't turn on the light. (Everyone does that, I think, so they don't get blinded and stumble back into bed!) In walks Misty, who instantly starts in her spirit-seeing act. Her neck fur rose and she spread her claws, while making a sound in the back of her throught. Mom was confused, but in walked Inky, the mildest, laziest, I-just-don't-care sort of cat around, and Mom didn't think he would get wild, too!

They were staring at the light, but then they moved their attention over the toilet, then the bath tub, and finally, back to the light. When Mom turned the light on, they stopped, blinked, and went on with their nightly rounds. Aside from small pinhgs in the night which could be spirits or cats, the house is pretty quiet.

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