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My family and I moved into a house in Hamilton Ontario Canada in the early seventies. The house was built in the late eighteen hundreds and was quite nice inside, complete with cherry wood banisters and mantle piece.

My mother had most of the experiences in this house but all of us, except my dad, had at least one experience. One night when mom and dad were sleeping a pillow was placed over my mothers face and was held in place while my father slept soundly beside her. Another night my mother was walking up the stairs when she suddenly became dizzy and could not go on. She got down on her knees because she was afraid of falling but within a minute she was rolling down the stairs. I watched this happen and to this day I swear she was pushed however, no one was there.

On another ocassion she had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. She had a dream that there was a coffin in the room with her, laid out in front of the living room window. In this coffin was an old lady dressed in black. My mother later saw this same old lady on many ocassions standing on the second floor landing where I watched my mother fall from.

One day we had a BBQ and the neighbours attended. My mother recounted her dream to the elderly neighbour, Margaret. Margaret asked my mother to describe the lady in the dream. When she did, Margaret became pale and said that the ghost was her Aunt who died in the house many years earlier and was laid out in front of the living room window as was customary for that time period.

One day my brother and sister came tumbling down the stairs screaming that they were afraid of the old man who was staring at them from the hallway. No one was there. They were very young at the time, perhaps 8 and 4.

My experiences were not visual but on many ocassions I heard footsteps and I would often feel my sheets being straighted out while I was sleeping.

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