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Christmas Story

Well were to begin?? The first recollection I have of an encounter was when I was very small. My sister and I were waiting in a bed together for Christmas morning to come around. Like all small children we were excited and couldn't sleep. When we say a figure open our door as if to check on us and after a while of it standing there, we thought it was our father, we started saying dad, dad, after no response we started getting scared and my mom heard us and told us to be quiet and go to sleep. This continued until. We fell asleep. Not to mention we got in trouble about the third time this happened.

The next time I vividly remember something like this happening I was still very little. We had just returned home from vacation and my sister and I were laying in bed talking and we were looking out the front window of our house when we noticed what looked to be a man sitting in our front tree watching us. We finally convinced our dad to go check but by that time it was gone.

As far back as I can remember I have had strange things happen to me when I was about 8 or 9 I remember doing my homework in my room. I would hear my name called by what I thought was my mother and when I would go to see what she wanted she would reply she wasn't calling me. Also my sister had the same experiences. And since I have Talked to my mother and she says when she was little she has had the same thing happen to her. Even now I tear up at the thought that someone or something is following my family.

Other things that have happened is I have been sitting in a room alone or with my mother and I would smell a mans cologne. When with my mom it's like we look at each other and just know that the other one is experiencing the same thing. After a liitle time has passed and it feels safe to discuss it one of us will broach the subject.

It doesn't matter where I live IT follows me. I have been married twice and my first husband didn't believe in ghosts. That is untill he lived with me for a while. During the time that we were together, he experience things crashing to the ground that weren't there, sounds like the TV was on yet you enter the room were the TV was it it wasn't on. We had a clock hta my grandma gave me after she died it kept flying off the wall. It got so bad with the clock I just threw it away. I have a music box my grandma left me that I keep the lid closed on now because I used to listen to it tillit wound down and leave the top open then for no reason it would start playing.

Most of the thins I remember were in the house I lived in growing up. Like the time I was already married. We lived in an apartment, so we decided to go out to my dad's to have a small get together myself and my husband a friend and her husband. They also had a small child. We were out there for quiet a while when we got to talking about ghosts and all the experiences in the house. and in other places. Cassie was getting upset because her husband was saying things like, come on ghost lets see you etc. Cassie was very supersitious or religious, I don't know which played a bigger part, anyway she was tell David to stop egging on the ghost. Allthe while her son was playing all over the place behind me. I'm listing to allthis when I get tapped on the lowerback. I was sitting in a bar stole, thinking it was Tyler tapping me, there son. I turned around to say something to him, to this day I don't know what it was because, when Iturned around he was some 25 ft. from me and there was no way he could have toddled that far in the instance it took me to turn around.

We also have picture of christmas morning in my house where the TV is not aloud on and in this picture in the back ground in the TV there is a picture of a little girl an the TV wasn't on in any of the other pictures on the roll of film.

My stories could go on and on. Like the time in my second marriage my husband and I had decided to have frozen pizzas for supper. I had just taken them out and set them on an electric stove that wasn't on. We began to talk about what had happened during our days at work. As the conversation went on all of the sudden a flame of at least a foot high came off the top of the pizzas. We checked for heat. There was none. don't ask me that that's still the most confusing of allthe things I've seen. If you would like more stories I've got pleanty from beyond the grave etc. Just reply and I will send more.

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