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In 1992 I moved to a civil war era row house in Richmond, VA. I knew from the begining that something was unusual about the place. My roomates and I would always feel a preseance, like something watching us. It took about a year or so to find out what it was. One night, my roomate Josh and I were sitting in our kitchen/den. My attention kept being drawn to the corner of the room by the back door. Josh was sitting by the back door and turned to see what I was looking at... and did a double-take. Even though I couldn't see anything, he swore that he did. He couldn't describe it but there was deffinately something there. Over the period of the next week... I tried to contact whatever was in our house (this is not new or unusual for me... I've been talking to spirits for about 15 years). The spirit began to appear to me as well. At first it just a shapeless mist but gradualy took on the form of a teenage girl, dressed in civil war period cloathing.

When I spoke to her she was as relieved as I was. Her name was Angela and no one had spoken to her in about 20 years. The last people to inhabit our house were totaly unaware of her preseance. She had died in that house when she was 16 but wouldn't tell me how or why she didn't travel on to the other side. She and I grew very attached to each other. We talked often and watched TV together. Sometimes she would even lie in bed with me as while I slept. The thing she liked to do the most was read. Of course, having no physical arms, she couldn't hold a book or turn the pages. So I would ask her what types of things she wanted to read and then go out and get books of that type. Then we would read them together, her reading over my shoulder. After a while my financial got pretty bad. I ended up having to move out of the house. Angela and I where both very saddened by this. I offered to try and find some way to take her with me, but she said that she had to stay there. Eventualy I had to leave Richmond all together. Now, often at night, I will think about her and allow my awareness to drift back to the old row house where I used to live. I can feel that she is still there, and I know that she can still feel me as well. We smile at each other across the miles. I hope that she accomplishes whatever it is that she feels she has to do before moving on to the other side. And I hope that when I take that journey, that she is there waiting for me.

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