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Family Ghost

Hello. I wanted to tell you about how I grew up in a haunted house. My parents moved there before I was born and still live in the same house. My mother hears doors close all day long, though no doors will actually be closed. She hears lots of strange things. I will feel a presence in the house. I don't know if there is one spirit or many.

I have felt things touching me. Sometimes they would feel like hands, but sometimes it would be almost like a bar, cylindrical and kind of heavy. I would not always be asleep when I felt these. At least once that I remember, I was in the den watching tv when I felt the bar move along my leg, like it was rolling slowly back and forth. We also have had the "corner of the eye" sightings, but never anything really material.

I came to call the ghost Sam, mostly because I didn't know anyone by that name. One time I was falling asleep when I heard a stack of my papers crash to the floor. I said "Sam, I didn't do that, and I'm not picking it up." Then I fell asleep. In the morning, there were no papers on the floor. Sam seemed to just make noises mostly. Our kitchen had a tile countertop and we used plastic glasses. The sound of those glasses moving across the counter is unmistakable, and can be heard through the house, especially when everything is quiet. At night, even though I knew no one was up, I could hear glasses go across the counter and kitchen chairs being moved on the kitchen floor. My parents both heard the distinct sounds of the wood burning stove being opened, the poker being moved from the holder, the fire being poked, the poker replaced, and the door being shut back. All these things are very very distinctive sounds. My parents are educated, logical people, but they both heard it. They thought I had snuck up to watch tv, but they checked and I was sound asleep.

Even people we haven't told any stories to would comment on feeling creepy in the basement. Like at my sister's sleepovers. There were too many girls for everyone to sleep upstairs, so they all had sleeping bags downstairs. Without even starting ghost stories, they commented on feeling something down there. I don't think Sam is evil at all.

If I was at home alone and scared of the noises in the house, I would tell Sam I was scared to be alone and ask him not to scare me with any strange noises. I wouldn't hear any all night. I am not sure, however that he was the only ghost. I would definately feel threatened and frightened at times. I could feel a presence and maybe I overreacted to the feeling and felt threatened.

One time I was awakened from a deep sleep by pressure on my shoulders and at my side. It was as if a dog were standing over me. I thought that my old dog had finally died and was saying goodbye, but I was terrified. I tried to cry out, but couldn't. When I finally could get an audible squeek out for my mother, it went away immediately. My dog was still alive. I don't know what it was. I don't know what "gifts" I have in the way of the supernatural. I have dreams that come true, I sometimes know things I have no way of knowing, and I feel certain presences occasionally. They make me uneasy and I wish that I could either not feel them or feel at ease with them. I knew there was something in my house and was sensitive to that. Ouija boards and movies like the Amityville Horror terrified me. My sister used an Ouija board in my room once and I never wanted to touch one again.

I am talking to my mother now about our house ghost. She said that she has also felt things touch her, especially in bed at night. We both have felt things move on the bed. She said that she has felt like there was someone on top, keeping her from getting up. She says she still hears things, but they are always at the other end of the house.

My sister says she has never had any experiences and she thinks that maybe I am making it up. Not like a lie, but like a hypochondriac can really make themselves sick. I told her that I think I am just more sensitive to these things. I find it unlikely that my mother and I would make up the same kinds of experiences separately. We never discussed them until I was older and never really talked about them much at all. I didn't know until tonight that she felt pressures holding her down in bed. My sister did say that she had felt pressures, but not necessarily just at my parent's house. She considers it a freaky nerve thing. Her body, rather than her mind, playing tricks on her. She never considered the possiblity of a supernatural explaination for it. I conceeded to her that the pressures could just be a nerve reaction of some kind, but the sounds went on for years.

I even discarded a lot of the shapes I would see in the hall outside my door as being due to the the unclearness of night vision and childhood imagination. But that doesn't explain the happenings when I was a teenager and awake in broad daylight. Anyway, thanks for your time.

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