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Old Haunted Farmhouse

You want ghost stories, and I have a couple of them, from personal experiences, but for now, I'll tell you one of them that still haunts me.

The setting is an old farmhouse near Campbellford, Ontario, Canada. It took place in December of 1982, while I was working with a friend there, looking after poultry, sheep and goats.The owner was a book-keeper for a Toronto firm, and had hired us to stay on his hobby farm and run it. The weather had been very mild, so much so, that my buddy had been able to continue ploughing, and having a full moon helping light the fields was a great benefit to us.

After a full day, which had commenced at five AM, and went through to about 1 AM, we finally loaded up the old wood-burning furnace in the basement, and retired to our rooms. I have a nasty habit of having to read a bit before turning out the light, and did so for about 20 minutes, then turned out the light. The full moon seemed to keep the room well lighted, and I soon drifted off. I awoke to find a girl, standing beside my bed, dressed in a long nightgown, and I was seeing through her. The moon had shifted position in the sky, and I knew that a couple of hours had passed since I went to sleep. The wallpaper in the room, which had been striped, was now a floral print, roses, I think.

I'd experienced ghosts before, and was not frightened, and the sad look on her face moved me to ask her what she wanted. She looked right at me, and it seemed strange that her lips never moved, but I learned her whole story.

This is the tale that she gave me.

It seems that her and her younger sister had been orphaned, and sent to live with their aunt and uncle on this farm .I was now sleeping in the room she had occupied. It seemed the uncle had started an incestuous relationship with her, and had threatened to turn her and her sister out, if she ever told anyone, and also promised not to touch the younger sister, if she co-operated. That was until the younger sister became pregnant by him, at which time, the two girls found that he'd been using the same story on them both. The sisters had no idea as to how their uncle would take the news, never mind the aunt , who, though having her suspicions, turned a blind eye towards the whole thing.

The story becomes a little "blurry" here, as if I couldn't recieve the information quick enough, but the next part was as clear as the December night it was told in. The uncle killed both of them and had buried them in the basement. He told his wife and the neighbours that they had "run off with some no-good, out west somewheres, and as far as he was concerned, it was good riddance!"

At this time, the girl started to fade, slowly, and I watched in amazment as the wall-paper started to change back to its stripes. The floral pattern faded, and as quickly as it did, the stripes appeared.

The moon hadn't changed position much, and I was sitting up in bed. I did not "awaken" this way...I was already awake. I went down to the basement, and found the place that the girl had indicated to me. The poured concrete floor was covered with dirt and bits of wood, but a quick sweep with the broom soon showed a patch where the floor had been poorly repaired, right at the bottom of the stairs, in front of the old furnace.

I returned to my bed, thinking that it was a strange thing to have happen, and went to sleep.

I talked to my buddy about it in the morning, and he tought it was a bit strange, but he also knew that I wouldn'T make something like this up. We wondered if the boss would let us dig up the floor, just to satisfy our curiousity, but thought that we might go ahead on our own, and repair the damages through the week. I began having second thoughts about it, though. Did I really want to find a couple of skeletons buried there, and how would I explain how I knew they were there to anyone? And if we found nothing, I would have looked like a person whose imaginaton had over-powered his good sense, and had become obsessed with nightmare.

I always wonded if there was a tale of two girls, one about 16, the other 14, who, during the 1920's had left the area to go out west, and were never heard from again.I also wonder what would happen if I returned to the old house, and somehow talked the owner into allowing me to dig up a part of his basement. I'd probably be run off with a shotgun.I also wonder if I'd let down a spirit who had reached beyond the grave, attempting to get the truth out.If I have, I hope she forgives me....

The story I related is a true one, and whenever I think about it, I have all those questions running through my mind.

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