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Haunted Summer House

I've had some unusual experiences in my life, but this one stands out and I continue to think about it till this day....

When I was 15 yrs old, my parents rented a beachhouse from a friend at work. They live in NJ, and the shore is the place to go...The house was in Bricktown. A small community with it's own private beach. Not too far from SeaSide or Point Pleasant. The house is situated right on the bay. Walk out 100ft and you have your own crabbing dock. It was located at a deadend street, so the evenings were very quiet.

Now, being 15, was not an easy age for a girl. The moodswings were horrible enough that you didnt even like yourself at the time. But I believe the raging hormones also increase your sensitivity. I was not told much about the house before we left, other than where it was located and a vague description.

We arrived late, close to 12AM. As I said, It was very quiet. You enter the house from the back. The front of the house was built facing the Bay. The first room is a guest room of sorts. It's a small room, maybee 8x8. There is a hallway towards the far right wall. The kitchen door is on the right side and alittle bit further, the door for the (only) bathroom is on the left. Facing the bathroom door, is the cellar door on the opposite side of the hallway. There was always a darkness about this area. I cant remember if it was lighted, but I just in my memory there was a very dark patch.

The hallway was only 6 or 7 feet in length, not much at all. You walked right into the family room or parlor. Two story ceiling, A frame, with a boulder fire place to your right. Windows surrounded the living room, giving you a very open feeling. The unusual aspect of the room was the stair leading up and it was covered. When you were standing and looking towards the hallway, you saw the 2nd floor with the 2 bedroom doors side by side. The enterance of the stairs was cut in the wall and situated in the left corner of the room. It was decorated in a sailors or sea theme. It was pleasing and well worn.

When we arrived, my parents and my sister went directly through the house and outside to look at the Bay. I do not know why, but I stayed inside alone. I sat in a chair facing the 2nd floor, when I felt a vibration, a presence, I don't know what to call it. It was in the far right corner of the narrow catwalk, where the bedrooms where. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. The feeling of fear was so strong, I left to join my family outside. I went directly to my mother and asked if this house was haunted, she replied "how did you know?"

My mother, a very intelligent woman but also has a open mind when it comes to the other senses. I guess it comes by way of family, since my great, grandmother was supposedly a gypsy. Mom came to America in her mid twenties from Germany. Most of her family history was wiped out in WWII.

There isn't much more I remember about my first trip other than my mom mentioning pictures were taken in the house by other guest who caught a hazy shape on the film. You see, the previous owner was a doctor who specialized in cancer reseach. His daughter ironically, was diagnosed with leukemia. She was 16yrs old when she died.

The really interesting things happened when we returned the following year. I brought a friend, Monika and her boyfriend down with us. Now, I did tell her there was something there but she really did not believe in the beginning. The first night Monika and I slept in the bedroom upstairs, right next to my parents, It was late, and we we cutting up, laughing, had a case of the giggles. Around midnight, both of us decided it was time to sleep. I was on the inside of the bed and she was right next to the door. It was not closed all the way. After turning off the lights, not seconds later, we both her creaking on the stairs. Then a knock on our door. We were staring at the door, hearing it and not seeing anything. Let's say we both went white and agreed it was time to go downstairs.

After kicking her boyfriend out of the bed in the guestroom, We both went to sleep. I slowly woke hearing a booming noise, like someone was banging on the pipes. Then the old alarm clock on top of the refrig. blasted music. The channels began to change very quickly, as though someone was turning the knob from one side to the other. We stayed in bed, I was frozen. Her boyfriend got up and turned it off. He never accepted what happened. That morning when I went into the kitchen I noticed it was unplugged. I asked him did he do that, he stated no. I asked my mother who also heard it, she stated no. Neither did my father. It was never plugged in.

There was always a feeling of being watched. A prickle on the neck, tensing of the muscles, you would look around and nobody was there. What stood out is when I was walking to the bathroom. I would move quickly through the hallway. It felt like there was a weight on my shoulders. I could never look at the basement door. Even when my father needed my help, I couldn't go down the stairs.

The next year, after telling my other friends I was taking down the shore with me, all about the ghostly episodes in the house: they were disappointed. When I walked through the door, It felt empty. Nothing happened. We had a great time, but it was just a house now.

Mom told me something interesting after we returned home. Before we went down for the last time, The owners cleaned up the basement. They found much of the previous daughters possessions there and got rid of it.

What to make of it. I don't know. Maybe, since we were around the same age when she died, there was a connection. All I can say is it did happen and it was real.

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