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Explanation of Polgergeists

Poltergeist Activity: A malevolent, mischievous spirit or form of energy which manifests with characteristics such as strange noises, moving or disappearing objects, and abnormal odors. The word poltergeist is a German word, literally translated means, “Noisy Spirit.”

The earliest known reports of poltergeists date back to the ancient Romans. Other poltergeist records can be found in the medieval times of China and Germany. The reports indicate unexplainable events such as throwing dirt, flying objects, awful smells, loud noises, unexplained lights and ghostly apparitions. All of which are very similar to the still ongoing reports of modern poltergeists. Why exactly poltergeist activity occurs has been under debate by experts and scientists for decades. Poltergeists usually begin and end abruptly. The typical incident can last for several hours or several years.

There have been hundreds of independent studies done on poltergeists. A majority of the cases revolve around on individual or “Agent,” as they are called. The phenomenon seems to be linked to a type of subconscious psychokinesis (PK) on the part of the agent. The studies have discovered that most of the poltergeist agents are females under the age of twenty who are totally unaware that they are involuntarily directing the poltergeist energy.

While still not much is known about the way that poltergeist work the investigations have uncovered a link between the agents and states of poor mental or physical health. Emotional problems associated with agent personalities are anxiety, hysteria, anger, obsessions, phobias and schizophrenia. In some cases with psychological help to relieve the emotional tensions the poltergeist energies diminish and disappear.

It should be pointed out that while a majority of poltergeist cases revolve around unstable human agents, there are cases where all of the people involved are psychologically stable and don't seem to have any control over the poltergeist energy. These cases remain a mystery. Some paranormal researchers blame them on other supernatural forces including Demon influences.

The differences between poltergeist activity and a haunting can be very hard to distinguish. In the early stages of a poltergeist it may be impossible. Haunts are poltergeists do share basic aspects, (apparitions, strange noises, odors, moving or disappearing objects, etc.).

There are some points that make them very different:

Haunting: Involves the ghosts of deceased human beings appearing frequently in certain places and times.
Poltergeist: May not be ghosts at all. There are theories are that poltergeists are mass forms of PK energy that a living person is unknowingly controlling. In some cases extreme poltergeists activity has been linked to demons.

Haunting: The appearances of spirits in areas known to the deceased before death.
Poltergeist: Can be triggered by a living person's trauma in any location, at any time.

Haunting: Activities are continuous over time, concentrated in the same general area.
Poltergeist: Activities build up over time to a climax and then start over. Poltergeist energies can travel anywhere with anyone.

Haunting: Are not violent by nature.
Poltergeist: Nearing the climax of the energy cycle poltergeists can become dangerous, inflicting both mental and physical terror in extreme cases.

If you feel that you are encountering poltergeist activity don't wait to look for help. Find a priest or local paranormal research group in your area. Some poltergeist cases can be exorcised before they have the chance of becoming dangerous. If you think that the poltergeist is linked to an object in you possession get rid of that object right away. Don't try to move or run away from a poltergeist. It's a waste of time. If the poltergeist is linked to a person or object it will follow right along with you. The best thing to do is seek out professional help as soon as you can. It shouldn't cost you a penny to do so. If you find someone that wants to charge you a fee, look for someone else.

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