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Snow Hill Country Club was built in the 1820s by the Harris family who migrated by wagon from Snow Hill Maryland. Catherine and William Harris were an odd couple, she being in her late 30's, and he in his early 20's. They had small children during their journey, two boys I think ... and they built Snow Hill to be a travel lodge for settlers moving in from the West. The home took 5 years to build, and interrupted trails and hunting ground for the local Shawnee. The inn was enormously successful, and soon became a social hub for Clinton County. It passed down through the family, and at one point housed a tunnel in the basement that went almost a mile underground to another home. We have no documentation, but local lore says it was a stop on the underground railroad. For a while later, it falls off the timeline and into disrepair. One of the Harris children reclaimed her ancestral home and refurbished it to its present grandeur.

In the 1920s Snow Hill became a popular socialite spot entertaining the area elite, and catering to golf enthusiasts. It continued this exclusive popularity up to the 80's when patronage went down during the recession, and Snow Hill's board opened membership up to the public. Currently it's an event venue in the off-season for receptions and conventions, and a golf boon during the spring and summer season. It has a full service kitchen, two dining areas, a ballroom, full-service bar in the warming kitchen (with the original warming oven/fireplace and andirons), parlor, front waiting room, and sleeping rooms on the second floor. Below there's an extensive locker room area, and a card room with a dumb waiter.

Historically, we have no anecdotal evidence of any tragedy, illness or death ... but it's safe to assume that through the years Snow Hill has seen its share. The ghost stories are unending. Patrons and employees have gobs of them. I personally have witnessed some amazing phenomena. I first visited Snow Hill when my brother and his fiance chose it as their venue for their rehearsal dinner. The lady who organized the event took me on a little tour, and while I was admiring the antiques, a woman's voice whispered in my ear ... "I don't mean to be a bother, but the furniture's in the wrong spots." A few other areas in the home gave me pause. Once I entered the sleeping room area on the 2nd floor, I got this awful squeeze in my forehead and became nauseous. It was obvious I wasn't welcome and I got out of there. The Parlor, nicknamed "The Ghost Room" by employees was stacked with debris and banquet service items. It was heavy in there and hard to breathe, and I got the impression that the accumulation of junk was highly unappreciated. The lower level that houses the locker rooms seemed very busy with invisible traffic. I'm not talented enough to get a bead on what, but it was obviously not just a benign space. The lady giving me the tour asked how I came to be so aware of what was going on, and I explained to her how much practice I'd had spending so much time in a haunted prison. We discussed the avenue of haunted tourism and how Snow Hill was suffering due to lack of patronage, and the management of Snow Hill came up with the "Dinner and a Ghost" event which is what I host and has become really successful.

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